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Say Hello to…Shared Timers!

Shared care is at the core of our philosophy at Onoco. That’s why we created the app; to provide a way for families to be equally involved and invested in a child’s development, and help to reduce the mental burden of having a ‘key caregiver’ who is relied on to be the fountain of all knowledge when it comes to behaviours and routines.

But we know there has been something missing for a while.

Something to make both life and using Onoco a little bit easier.

That something is now available - say hello to shared timers!

Available across all subscription levels and devices, shared timers mean that any attached family account can stop a nap started within a child’s account, regardless of what device it started on.

That means no more relying on one person’s phone to record the whole nap, and definitely no more responsibility falling to just one caregiver to remember starting and stopping. Instead, you’re safe in the knowledge that if you’re going out for dinner, to work, or simply taking five minutes to yourself, someone else is able to accurately record a nap’s end point.

Even more excitingly, shared timers are just one of a number of new features available in the latest update! With our latest version, you can also find:


Perfect for sharing with healthcare practitioners and consultants or even family and friends, patterns charts are now downloadable by all account levels. These are a great snapshot of activity and routine, whether you’re looking for a second opinion or simply demonstrating the kind of week you’ve been having!

Please note that CSV download for your full data is available via your main menu. Please note that this feature is only available for Onoco Premium members at this time.


Because not everyone needs to see when your baby last fed, we have added a ‘view posts only’ option when inviting new family members - meaning you can safely share photos without bombarding them with tracking.


Thanks to user feedback, you can now see bottles and meals as separate trackers in your daily log, making your baby’s data even quicker to review.


Click here to update or download Onoco!


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