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Most baby apps focus either on tracking feeds and naps OR monitoring development milestones. It can be difficult to understand insights and even trickier to share these with other caregivers.


At Onoco, we believe that everything should be at hand in one app – and one that’s simple, safe and easy to share.


Why? Because parenting is already hard enough.

Designed by parents
- for parents 

As parents, we’ve been there. We’ve written down nap times, googled every milestone, and ripped everything up and started again whenever the routine has changed. This was even worse when we had to write down - and then explain - instructions for caregivers and babysitters (should we ever get one).

As a parent, though, you don’t have that time – and you don’t need that stress. That’s why we created an app.

Like every baby, every parent is different, but we hope that Onoco will help you on your parenting journey in a way that countless parents before us wish they could have been supported.

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More than just a baby tracker

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Your baby’s schedule - on your terms

Usually, around the two-month mark, some parents decide to implement a daily schedule. Babies sleep for longer stretches at night and it becomes (slightly) easier to plan your day.


Put down the pen and paper, because, with Onoco, you’ll no longer have to write everything down anymore. With Onoco, you will be also able to add 'Events' in your 'Plan' section, which allow you to display activities alongside your baby’s normal daily routine, such as doctor’s appointments and healthcare visits.


By using our app, we encourage you to create your own routine based on your own criteria. Whatever fits for your family – and whoever you choose to share it with.

Just as children have different needs at different times in their lives, their parents have different needs, too.

Those first few weeks are the most difficult, and so that's when tracking things like feeds, sleep and nappies is the most useful. With our app, not only will you gain peace of mind from knowing exactly how your baby’s routine is progressing, but you’ll also have information right to hand should you need to share it with your midwife, health visitor or other healthcare professionals.

When the time then comes for you to share the care of your little ones – a trusted family member, friend or even a nanny, perhaps – you’ll want to know that your child will be sticking to the routine that you’ve set for them, and indeed the routine that works best for your child.


Onoco allows you to share information, receive updates and enjoy peace of mind along the way.

Monitor the milestones that matter

Ensuring that your child's development is on track is one of the most important things a parent worries about.


However, most apps available to help with this tracking will explore milestones only for the first year of your baby’s life. By using the same Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework as nurseries, pre-schools and registered childminders in the United Kingdom, Onoco tracks your baby’s development from birth to 5 years.

7 Development Areas

17 Aspects of Learning

460 Milestones 

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Share beautiful

They say it takes a village to raise a child. We truly hope that you are getting the support you need and deserve to help raise your baby.

If so, we’re sure that all of those people would like to receive updates on your little one's progress and to see those special moments that you capture with your camera, without having to share them with the world on social media.

Imagine, your first day back at work after parental leave, and receiving a picture of your baby, smiling away at the camera.

brain-building tips

Help your little one to achieve milestones by following advice from professional sources and trusted experts.


The tips on our app are tailored to your child's age and grouped by developmental areas and aspects of learning.

470+ 'How can you help?' tips

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Quote Mark

I love this app. It has everything you need to keep track of all the important info when baby first arrives. 

Abby, mum of Amelia

Quote Mark

I really like the fact that all caregivers can use the app to find out the routine – which is absolutely brilliant for those parents who have to return to work, and the child having a different caregiver for a while. 

Maegan Boyle

Must-have app when you
hire a nanny 

Trusting someone to look after your child can be very stressful.

You’ll want to make sure that:

- your child is safe
We’ve created an Emergency Protocol - a page where you can share information about allergies, medications, important contacts and illness/accident management instructions.

- your child's routine is followed
Receive real-time updates with info about the things that matter to you: nap times, meals, nappy changes and daily activities.

- there are organised activities to support your child's development

Through our app, your nanny or childminder will have access to the 'Learning Journey' tab – complete with all tips and milestones.


Additionally, your nanny or childminder would have access to the same calendar where you can plan your child’s care together.

Trust and transparency make a perfect foundation for any working or family relationship. Onoco is the app to help you with both of those things.

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