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in your hand


+ Tracking: sleep, feedings, potty training, medication, physical growth etc

Customisable menu: Choose what you want to track and see

+ Access for up to five additional caregivers, such as nannies and family members


+ Synchronised updates across family members


+ Assessment & guidance through developmental leaps based on the EYFS framework (0-5 years of age)


+ Weekly patterns charts and personalised stats on all tracked activities 


+ Timeline posts linked to your child’s learning journey


+ Safe and secure photo sharing and commenting between family members.

+ Apple Watch application - "Onoco for Watch"

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Onoco Free

free and will always be free

What's included

from £3.99 

+ All Onoco Free features, plus:

+ Optimal Nap Time Predictor: AI-powered nap predictions for your baby

+ Daily routine/schedule creator: Create a routine that works for your family 

+ Knowledge Hub: Evidence-based research on sleep, nutrition, postpartum and parenting methods

+ Custom Logs: Create your own logs


+ Calendar: Plan play dates and doctor appointments

+  More notifications: Schedule reminders and recurring events

+  Development tips: Age-appropriate development tips delivered daily

+ Data Export: Export your child’s data in CSV

Onoco Premium

per month

What's included

97% of users would recommend Onoco to friends and family!


Why Onoco Premium

Put down the pen and paper

Onoco Premium digitises your child’s routine and data, making it accessible in the palm of your hand and easily shareable with other caregivers.

Add and repeat events directly in your planner; set and share your baby’s unique daily routine; and even set reminders for all caregivers to notify them of upcoming appointments and healthcare visits.


Go one step further with tracking in Onoco Premium and add your own custom logs - think tummy time, bath time and story time - in addition to naps, nappies, feedings and growth to view analysis and insights for your family’s favourite activities. 

Onoco Premium is designed to go one step further in helping your on your parenting journey. Know more, enjoy more!

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Tips and tools designed with your family in mind

Help your little one to achieve milestones with tips from professional sources and trusted experts.


All recommendations on Onoco are tailored to your child's age and grouped by developmental areas and aspects of learning, and with Onoco Premium you can choose to have these delivered daily for quick access and ideas.

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Safe and secure

With everything that Onoco does, your peace of mind around data safety is of the utmost importance. With both Onoco Free and Onoco Premium, you are in control of what you want to track, what you want to analyse, and what you want to share. Whatever fits for your family – and whoever you choose to share it with.

Flexible to your family's needs

We have a risk free guarantee, meaning you can request a refund at any time - so if our additional features aren’t quite adding to your experience, then don’t worry! You can continue to use Onoco Free at no cost.

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Download Onoco today

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