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Say Hello to...Onoco Premium!

Updated: Apr 30

It's been an incredibly busy 18 months for us at Onoco as we've continued to welcome even more families and activity onto the app; found ourselves in publications including Yahoo Finance and My Baba; launched a fundraising campaign via Seedrs; and now we have some exciting news as we introduce Onoco Premium!

Onoco Premium will give families (and all of their connected accounts) access to even more personalised parenting tools, many of which have been influenced by feedback we've received since launch in October 2020 as our Onoco families continue to influence and impact our future roadmap.

So, the big question is - what does this mean?

The Onoco app will still be free to download, with many of our existing features remaining free to use, including tracking and analytics; synchronised updates between family accounts, and access to development tips for your child’s age, based on the EYFS framework.

But now, with Onoco Premium, you will also be able to:

⭐ Choose your schedule increments in 15, 30 or 60 minutes

⭐ Access an advanced family routine manager planner

⭐ Receive daily prompts regarding your child's development, based on their age and achievements so far

⭐ Download your child's data

⭐ Get first access to Onoco AI, our nap prediction tool, on release.

We hope these additional tools will further help you to personalise your parenting experience with Onoco, and continue to provide an experience which 97% of current users* would recommend to someone they know.

Explore Onoco Premium today for peace of mind in the palm of your hand:

*Data based on a survey carried out in April 2022.


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