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Say Hello to…Medicine Tracking!

In April, we ran a survey for our users, asking what they most enjoy about using Onoco - and crucially what they feel we are currently missing.

Naturally we were very excited by some of the responses to ‘one word you would use to describe Onoco’ (lifesaver, genius, and fantastic were among our favourites…!) and the fact that 98% of respondents said they had a positive or really positive impression of Onoco.

But we also couldn’t ignore what we are missing; as a small company committed to collaborating with our community to ensure the best possible product and experience, it was essential for us to listen and learn.

And that’s why Medicine Tracking is now available!

Medicine tracking allows parents, family members and professional caregivers to take note of medicine type and dosage amount to ensure there are no missed doses or miscommunication when it comes to little one’s health. And with the average child having seven or eight colds per year, we’re sure this is going to come in handy!

Within the medicine tracker, you will be able to:

+ Add and manage your own medicine types with custom names

+ View graphs for each medicine separately, so you can see exactly which medicines are being taken and when

+ Change between ml and oz.

If you are an Onoco Premium user, you can also take advantage of recurring reminders within your plan and routine manager, letting you and any other caregivers connected to your family account know when any next dose is due.

Although it was always on our product roadmap, the survey made it clear that it’s a feature that parents want now - so we were sure to make it happen. And, as it’s such an important one, we are making it available across all subscription levels.

This is the first of a number of new features coming up in the app, so if you want to be first in the know, download today and see how Onoco can work for your family.

Please note: Onoco is not a medical app but rather a support tool on your parenting journey. Please always consult medications directly for dosage amounts, and if you have any questions or concerns always speak to your doctor first.


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