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Say hello to…Lifetime Statistics and New Notifications!

Let’s dive right into our latest update, bringing three brand new features to Onoco: Lifetime Statistics, Recurring Reminder Notifications, and Routine Notifications!


Parenting can be hard and harder still can be trying to explain exactly what you’re juggling to friends and family! Describing just how many hours you really have spent breastfeeding or how many nappies you’ve changed - trust us, we know it can feel endless… - can often fall on deaf ears.

But what if you could put a number on it?

That’s why we’ve introduced lifetime statistics on Onoco! This feature celebrates your family’s Onoco activity such as hours spent nursing, nappies changed, and development milestones logged to help you see - and share! - exactly how busy you really have been.

Access lifetime statistics under your insights tab next to patterns and analysis, and let everyone know what you discover by selecting ‘share all stats’ or individual activities.

Make sure to tag us @onoco_app when you’re sharing; we can’t wait to see what everyone discovers…

Lifetime statistics are available for all users.


Reminders can be a lifesaver as a new parent, and we’re making it that little bit easier to set your own within the app! You can now set recurring notifications for breastfeeding, pumping, bottles and medicine at your choice of intervals between 30 minutes and 6 hours.

Turn these on and choose your preferred timing when inputting any data for the available logs by selecting ‘reminders’.

So, whether you’re feeding every 2-3 hours, needing to pump regularly to ensure a regular supply, or staying on top of medicine doses, we hope this additional feature will make life that little bit easier.

Reminder notifications are available for all users.


Sharing care of your little one and want to make sure their routine is being followed? Easily turn on reminders for your routine so everyone knows what’s coming up.

Turn these on by selecting the ‘need reminders?’ button on your edit routine page.

You can also choose to set up notifications for routine changes via the ‘manage notifications’ page under settings so, as your little one grows, you can easily share their changing daily routine with other carers without risk of miscommunication (or misplaced nap times!)

Routine notifications are available with Onoco Premium.


Want to let us know what you think about Onoco or suggest a new feature? You can submit reviews on Google Play and the App Store, and email us via with your ideas!


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