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Say Hello to…Custom Logs and Customisable Menus!

It’s not an understatement when we say every family is unique; you will all have your own jokes, memories, and even hidden languages shared between you that have developed over time spent together learning, growing and sharing experiences.

Onoco is designed to be an app that reflects this and works for every family, giving you the information you want and need at the touch of a button.

That’s why we’re so excited to share our latest release.

Say hello to…Custom Logs and Customisable Menus!

Customisable Menus

Waved goodbye to nappies? Said farewell to breastfeeding? Nailed your nighttime routine? Then Customisable Menus are going to be your new best friend, giving you the power to edit your display and stack your favourite tracking tools at the top of your list.

Customisable Menus are available across all subscription levels, and will also amends your insights tabs - so you’ve always got what you need, where you need it.

Custom Logs

Want to go one step further and track an activity that’s not available on our standard logging list? Then you’ll want to upgrade to Onoco Premium and access Custom Logs! With this exciting new feature, you’re able to add any new activity you want; think bath time, tummy time, screen time or reading.

These can be added as events or over durations, and you can choose your own colours and symbols to represent each activity to add easy reference within your patterns charts.


Our recent user survey has shown just how important customisation is to our users, and our hope is this combination of features provides not only a more streamlined user experience but a more personal one too.

So, what will you be tracking first?

Let us know via email or Instagram!


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