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How Onoco Uses Technology for Smarter Baby Routines

Managing your baby's sleep patterns can be a daunting challenge, especially as they grow and their routine changes. As a modern approach to parenting, Onoco's 'must have' parenting app incorporates the latest AI technology to offer a smarter solution to managing your child's nap schedule and daily routine.

What our users say

“I subscribed specifically for the optimal nap time predictor which has been instrumental in my babies development and has really help us navigate a nap/sleep schedule throughout his development.”

young baby sleeping

“The ‘nap prediction’ feature was only released when my son was nearing 1 so we only got to use it for a couple of weeks but we absolutely loved it and found it really helped us schedule his day, the predictions were really accurate for my son also and helped us get him into a good sleep routine”

AI Nap Predictor: Personalised Recommendations for Optimal Sleep

With Onoco's AI nap predictor tool, you can anticipate the optimal time for your baby to have their naps, allowing you to plan your day and ensure they get the rest they need without them becoming over-tired. By using our advanced AI technology built with our own AI algorithm, this tool accurately predicts shifts in your baby's sleep patterns, empowering you to confidently navigate your daily routines while prioritising your baby's well-being.

When babies nap schedules are always changing, it's hard to keep on top and make sure they're napping at the right time. It's common for babies to become over-tired, when they're past the stage of tiredness and become upset and restless. By using the Onoco AI Nap Predictor, you can identify their optimal nap time and make sure they get to sleep during that time, before they show signs of tiredness. Game changer, right?!

AI Routine: Use your baby’s data to anticipate and introduce a baby routine

Our new AI Routine feature offers personalised recommendations and makes natural changes to your baby's routine based on their own data and natural changes, giving you peace of mind and support as you navigate transitions with just one click. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Onoco helps you optimise your child's sleep schedule and work out what their every-changing routines look like, making parenting just a little bit easier. 

Onoco App Routine AI feature

Powered by ChatGPT AI technology, this personalised tool offers tailored recommendations for optimising your baby's routine. By taking into account factors like your baby's age, sleep patterns, and developmental milestones, AI Routine suggests intelligent adjustments to fine-tune their daily schedule.

Parenting powered by research and technology

You can download Onoco for free in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, and discover the peace of mind that comes with having a powerful tool to support your parenting journey.

Onoco recognises the challenges that come with parenting, and we are here to provide peace of mind and support every step of the way. Our nurturing app empowers parents to understand and cater to their child's needs, making it easier to share information with caregivers and healthcare professionals. Together, let's create a happy and fulfilling parenting journey with Onoco by your side.


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