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Say Hello to…Onoco’s Optimal Nap Time Predictor!

Updated: May 31, 2023

The newborn phase can be one of the hardest. Not only are you dealing with new routines and rhythms within your family, you’re probably doing it while dealing with a significant level of sleep deprivation. In fact, parents have been found to lose an average of 133 nights of sleep in the first year - that’s one third of a year’s worth of sleep.

There’s no magic button when it comes to babies; they are developing at a rapid pace, not to mention finding their own routines and rhythms in this whole new world of theirs. However, with the right set of tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on and how you can work with your little one to find the best routines for both of you.

That’s why we’re launching Onoco’s Optimal Nap Time Predictor!

👉 The Onoco Optimal Nap Time Predictor is an AI powered parenting tool which utilises the sleep and nap tracking information you enter on your profile and learns about your baby’s routines

👉 Over time, it will then start to predict your baby’s next optimal nap time - combined with physical clues and your gut instinct, we hope this tool will help to avoid those missed moments and instead help you quickly identify nap time!

👉 Opt-in to notification prompts at 10,15 or 30 minutes before nap time is recommended, so you can start your wind-down routine without stress

👉 With these nap times to hand, you’ll be able to find your little one’s routine and be able to maximise your wake time together.

It’s not a magic button, but it’s help at the touch of one…

So why use the Optimal Nap Time Predictor?

⭐ Better sleep quality: Nap time plays a crucial role in a baby's sleep quality and overall health. A nap at the right time can help a baby feel more rested, alert, and attentive.

⭐ Improved mood and behaviour: Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, crankiness, and tantrums in babies, which we know can be incredibly stressful!

⭐ Increased productivity: Knowing the optimal nap time for your baby can help you plan your day more efficiently.

⭐ Consistency: Establishing a consistent nap routine can help our babies develop healthy sleep habits that they can carry into childhood and beyond.

The Optimal Nap Time Predictor is your helping hand when it comes to predicting your baby’s personalised wake windows, powered by an AI neural network trained using over 1,000,000 naps and with 9,902 parameters!

(Psst…just like a human brain, a neural network is a series of algorithms that detect basic patterns in a set of data. A “neuron” in a neural network is a mathematical function that searches for and classifies patterns according to a specific architecture.)

Our initial testing with a group of lovely Onoco families revealed that 84.2% would recommended Onoco Premium and the Optimal Nap Time Predictor to families like theirs; the top reasons for using the tool was to make sure their baby is sleeping enough and to better identify wake windows; and they scored it an overall 9/10 for ease of use.

One of the incredibly exciting things about the Optimal Nap Time Predictor is that, like other AI networks, the more data it receives and analyses the better the quality of its predictions will become - so this is just the beginning!


Onoco’s Optimal Nap Time Predictor is now available in Onoco Premium.

Download and reclaim your rest today.


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