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Five Ways to Use Custom Logs

We launched Custom Logs in 2022 to give you the power to add anything you want to Onoco*.

But how exactly have Onoco families been using them?

We’ve rounded up the top five ways you’ve been using Custom Logs (plus a few extras!) to demonstrate just how flexible they can be.

1. Tummy Time

Tummy time is an essential activity for babies to help them develop their head, neck and shoulder muscles - so it’s no surprise that it made up 10% of new logs created last year! Other benefits of tummy time include development of visual skills, an increased sense of balance, an opportunity for babies to explore their environment in a new way, and also a great chance for bonding and interaction with their favourite people (that’s you!).

Tracking with Onoco can help you to easily see how many tummy time sessions you’ve had recently, and to identify the right time to gradually increase activity duration.

2. Bath Time

Bath, book, bed is a favourite routine of many families. In fact, 35% of new custom logs created have been for bath time. As well as practical hygiene benefits, bath time is great for sensory development and growing independence. Discover more top tips about bath time routines with our blog from GRASP Skincare!

Adding bath time to Onoco means you can get a fuller view of your daily routine, see how different activities impact each other, and ensure you’re spending plenty of time making a splash together.

3. Walks / Trips Out

Boosted physical and mental health, cognitive development, socialisation, an increased connection to nature, and an opportunity to enhance creative thinking…getting out and about with our little ones provides such a range of benefits, we love to see that this has become a custom log for so many families!

Tracking this time as a Custom Log rather than an event means you can also see how much time you’re spending outdoors each week (current recommendations suggest between twenty minutes and one hour daily) so you can actively track the benefits for yourself.

4. Reading + Education

Reading and story time are fantastic ways to use Custom Logs, especially if you have a toddler just starting to explore reading or an older child heading into more formal education. You can even add notes to highlight their favourite stories and how many books they requested during storytime…!

Many families also include screen time, splitting time spent between educational and non-educational content, so they can easily see their child’s screen exposure on a daily and weekly basis.

Make sure you’re also visiting your learning journey and ‘reading’ area for your child’s age, to identify their progress and for tips on how to help them on their reading journey!

5. Medicine + Illness

A perfect pairing to our medicine tracking feature, we’ve spotted a number of families using Custom Logs to track the more physical symptoms of bugs (🤢). By adding these events as a log, you can easily see when they’ve happened; the impact of medicine doses; identify when they might be subsiding; and of course see when you may need to contact a doctor or healthcare professional.

And this is just a snapshot of how you can use Custom Logs on Onoco! We also have families tracking when they have visitors, time spent at swimming lessons and soft play, and even parents tracking their own activities such as bottle sterilisation and exercise…

All you have to do is:

⭐ Choose + to add an activity

⭐ Select ‘edit’

⭐ Select ‘add a new custom log’

⭐ Choose your log name (yes, anything you want!) plus type, icon and colour

⭐ Your log is now ready to use!

Once you’ve added your log, you’ll be able to see it in your full timeline, daily summary, analysis and patterns charts.

So the only question now is - how will you use Custom Logs?


*Custom Logs are available as part of any Onoco Premium subscription alongside access to our routine manager, shared schedule, and daily age-appropriate development tips delivered straight to your profile. Upgrade today to explore!

Already a premium user? Click here to start adding your Custom Logs!


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