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A New Way to Share Care

What do they say - even the best laid plans sometimes go wrong?

This common saying can often feel true, and even more so when we’re making plans and juggling the needs of our little ones. Whether it’s because of a forgotten appointment, childcare falling through at the last minute, or simply feeling exhausted at the thought of leaving the house, it can be difficult to pick ourselves back up and get out into the world.

In fact, a State of Motherhood Survey conducted by Motherly earlier this year reported that the majority of primary income-earning parents are also responsible for managing their family calendars, children’s schedules and activities, and co-ordinating childcare on top of being their household’s ‘primary breadwinner’. With this it’s easy to see how planning as a parent, especially as a mother, can feel like an impossible task.

Continuing to try and balance the needs of family members both as a collective and as individuals is a fast track to feeling burnt out and having your own needs fall by the wayside. The same survey conducted by Motherly goes on to reveal that 67% of mums actually reported less than one hour of solo time that wasn’t work or family related!

Unfortunately, like with many of our time related concerns, we can’t wave a magic wand.

But what we can do is offer a tool designed to alleviate some of that mental load.

That’s exactly why we created the routine manager and family planner in Onoco.

Know what’s happening, and when…

Doctor’s appointments, daycare drop offs, play dates, days out - planned events can really add up when your family grows! Add and repeat events directly in your Onoco planner for easy access at the touch of a button and you can quickly see what’s coming up, any potential clashes, and those all important quieter periods.

Share this with all connected accounts…

Yes you probably have a calendar, but here’s the essential part! Every family member or caregiver you have attached to your account will also have access to this schedule, meaning they can see all of your upcoming appointments, playdates, childcare requirements. Add as much (or as little) detail you need and be safe in the knowledge that everyone knows when that next event is happening. You can even add reminder notifications for everyone to receive so you’re doubly sure…

And ensure your baby’s routine repeats as required!

Not quite convinced yet? Your plan is displayed alongside your baby’s unique routine (more on the importance of this over here!), meaning you can immediately spot any ‘danger’ areas - nap time during a doctor’s appointment? We don’t think so! - and adjust plans accordingly. This is also an amazing way to see when you can fit some you time into your schedule. You could even block it out as needed to communicate with your fellow caregivers; because caring for your baby is essential, but so is caring for yourself.


The Onoco routine manager and family planner is available as part of all Onoco Premium subscriptions, starting at £4 per month. Once purchased, Onoco Premium is applied to all attached family accounts, giving your village the tools they need to help provide the best possible start for your little one.


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