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15 Instagram Accounts We Love for New + Expecting Mums

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Becoming a new or expecting mum can be a challenging but exciting time. With so many things to think about and prepare for, it's helpful to have a support system in place. Instagram has become a hub for real parents to share their experiences, offer advice and connect with others who are going through similar experiences.

But it can be hard to know where to start...

Here, we outline some of our favourite accounts to follow for insights, inspiration and the nitty gritty of parenting!

Camilla Thurlow

You might be familiar with Camilla's journey already (shout out to our Love Island fans...) but we now know her best for her parenting journey with the gorgeous Nell + Nora.

As this caption quite clearly demonstrates, she's going through the same experiences as us and shares her real takes on sleepless nights, illnesses, and managing life with two little ones.

New Mom Guru

Run by Ashley, mom and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, New Mom Guru shares her experiences and opinions on motherhood, parenting, and lifestyle.

Her posts are relatable, funny and often raw, offering a candid look at the ups and downs of being a young mum - plus these pelvic floor tips are well worth having in your feed (trust us..!)

Jasmin Hope

You might already know Jasmin from her blog about the Minefield of Milestones and From Our Families interview, but if you aren't already following her here's your cue!

Jasmin shares her experience of parenting little Maple while balancing work and home, while sharing some amazing tools and products to help along the way.

Tiny Little Jade

If you're looking to introduce open ended play with your little ones while seeing some of the best reel transitions we've come across, then you'll want to follow Tiny Little Jade.

Mum Grace shares the products she loves for Jade as well as insights from her development journey.

You can also find them at Every Dad Can Cook for creative toddler meals!

Gemma Ellis

With two young boys, Gemma is certainly a busy mumma!

We love her monthly updates from little Luca Grey and seeing him develop, but also her stories which give a heartfelt and personal look at the realities of being a parent.

Stacey Solomon

With the recent birth of little Belle, Stacey is now mum of five!

We love her honest approach to sharing her parenting journey and balancing her busy workload, all while giving us huge interior inspiration to boot.

Diary of an Honest Mom

If you find yourself prone to self doubt, we want you to follow Diary of an Honest Mom right now.

Speaking openly and often about setting boundaries, mental health, breaking negative cycles and ultimately empowering mothers, Libby has an amazing knack for knowing exactly what we need to hear.

Miranda Burns

Not only does Miranda share her current journey with little Penny, you can go right back to the beginning and learn about her IVF journey, experience with endo, and even her recent (stunning) wedding.

We especially love her recent honesty about Penny's increased preference for her dad, and how this is zero reflection on your parenting but rather an amazing reflection of how your baby sees you as an extension of themselves.

Jazmine Marie Rocks

Mum to Bluebelle, Jazmine is an amazing source of inspiration for all new mums.

Her sense of style and approach to leading a colourful life drew us in, but we also love her insights into life as a new parent - even moving home with a five week old!

The Confident Mama

Body confidence can plummet after birth but Melissa Suffield, aka The Confident Mama, is here to be your personal hype girl.

As soon as we're feeling self conscious about our wobbly bits or areas that don't look anything like they used to, this is the account to turn to.

Now, who's up for a jiggle dance party?

Grace Victory

Grace's strength is a constant source of inspiration for us. After falling into a coma in 2020 while pregnant with her first child, she has since battled the odds while documenting her experience with honesty, frankness and pure love for her family.

Now a mum of two, Grace shares snippets from all aspects of her life, and we cannot wait to see where the future will take her and her family.

The Breastfeeding Mentor

Danielle is the account you need if you're breastfeeding. Not only does she share her own story of breastfeeding journey but her account is packed with hints, tips and advice along the way.

She's also attracted a fantastic breastfeeding community in her comments, who regularly share their own stories and recommendations.

The Positive Birth Company

For all of our expecting mums out there, we love The Positive Birth Company for reminding us of the power of birth while sharing real life stories of other mummas.

They also share amazing resources and events related to all family models.

Mom Life Comics

Becoming a new mum often introduces a whole new set of double standards into life - and that's exactly what Mary Starr, the illlustrator behind Mom Life Comics, is here to highlight.

These cartoons are not only incredibly truthful and straight to the point, but they're also super easy to share with others - so if you're struggling to communicate something to someone special, you might find Starr's illustrations can help you along the way.

Mom Com NYC

If you're ever struggling to see the funny side of parenting, this is the place to come...

This post really encapsulates what you'll find with this account, providing sharp takes on those every day moments.


Don’t worry dads! We will be preparing a similar list for you soon. If you know a great account you would like to recommend, please contact us at or DM us on Instagram.


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