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From Our Families...Jasmin + Maple

As parents ourselves, we know how important word of mouth recommendations can be when you’re expanding your family. There can be little time for informed research, and sometimes we can simply feel overwhelmed with the information available to us!

To help anyone thinking about downloading or Onoco, or who has perhaps downloaded it but not opened it again (don’t worry, we know the feeling!), we have asked a number of our families to share their experiences of the app, how they use it within their families, and why it might just be the digital tool for you.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Jasmin and her daughter Maple…

Hi Jasmin! Could you give us a quick introduction to your family?

Of course. So I’m Jasmin, and I live in Shrewsbury (UK) with my little girl, Maple. She’s currently 11 months but soon to turn one - time has absolutely flown…

That’s such a familiar feeling - and happy soon to be birthday, Maple! What does your daily routine look like at the moment?

Wake up, breakfast, husband goes to work, we play at home or go to baby groups, have lunch, have a nap, clean the house, have dinner, baby bedtime, work in the evenings!

And could you tell us a bit about your experience with Onoco so far?

I downloaded Onoco when Maple was born after seeing it on Instagram, and we’ve been using it consistently as a family since. I initially downloaded it to help me remember when she last had a bottle, nappy change and naps - the kind of things that can all blur into one in those early days…

Since then we have also been using it to be able to easily pass this information onto her grandparents and other caregivers when they look after her. I think this is a really unique feature for Onoco, allowing all family members to use it to allow for continuity of care and ensuring Maple is getting everything she needs.

So you’ve been utilising the shared features between you?

Yes, we all have access - that’s me and her dad, and both sets of grandparents.

Amazing. And what feature do you most use Onoco for between you?

The simple ability to record what she’s done every day, even when she’s been with her grandparents, has been one of the most used. It’s really helped us to keep her on schedule with feeds and naps.

In addition to this, it’s got to be the learning journey!

It’s been essential in allowing me to understand my baby, helping me to support her developmental journey and ensuring she’s where she should be for her age and stage.

What would you say to anyone considering using Onoco in their family?

It’s incredible, it’s essentially an online diary for all things your baby and provides incredible reassurance. I also love looking back at all the stages she’s been through and tracking her development; it’s honestly changed our family life for the better and made the first year of parenthood so much easier ( and less stressful!)

One last question - how would you describe your family life with one movie or song?

I’d like to say Mary Poppins, but probably more Cinderella!


Thanks so much to Jasmin for sharing her experience!

You can follow more of her and Maple's adventures here.

If you’d like to share your family’s story and how Onoco has helped you on your parenting journey, send us an email - - we can’t wait to get to know you.


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