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From Our Families…Gabby + Haven!

It’s time for another installment of our new series of From Our Families…, sharing the stories of parents who are using Onoco and exploring how everyone is using the app’s features on their family journeys!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Gabby and Haven.

Hi Gabby! Thanks so much for speaking to us today; could you give us a quick introduction to your family?

Hello, my name is Gabby! I live in North Carolina (US) and use Onoco for my 9 month old. Haven is my first baby. She is our miracle baby as we tried conceiving for over 5 years.

What a fun age! What does your daily routine currently look like together?

I balance working part-time with being a stay at home mum.The majority of my time is very much focused on taking care of Haven, as I’m sure other parents will be familiar with! We do love to go to Target for shopping, which we call “going on an adventure.” Haven loves Mickey Mouse and going on walks around our neighborhood. We have a pretty low key routine. We do try to have playtime throughout the day and naps are a must. Onoco helps me ensure her feedings and naps are completed on a timely manner. It’s a very efficient app.

What made you download Onoco, above some of the other apps available?

I spotted it via Instagram, and we were really looking for a tool that would help us with logging feeding and diaper changes. The first few months of having a baby are basically all about the diapers, so this was something we wanted to be easily shareable with the pediatrician so they could easily identify if there were any issues we should be aware of.

We also wanted something easily shareable between us as parents.

And what’s your experience been like with Onoco so far?

It has been a game changer for keeping up with diapers and feeding schedule. We also use the app now for medication and sleep, so we see how everything is interlinked.

It was really easy to sign up and start tracking, which I appreciated. I wasn’t overwhelmed with the amount of information I was being asked for - definitely a positive when juggling the needs of a newborn at the same time…

You mentioned shareability just before. Have you been utilising the shared features between you?

Yes! Since we have started using Onoco, my husband and I have been able to track Haven’s feedings, diaper changes, and now sleep. Since going back to work part-time, the shared access has become indispensable. Because I am also a stay at home mum on days I don’t work and my husbands ability to work from home some days, we share responsibilities which means we need to know what is happening when she is with each of us. Shared access has massively helped us to facilitate continued care, especially with naps, feedings, and medication. Onoco helps ensure routines are followed.

This was one of the biggest things that drew me to downloading Onoco. Initially when Haven was born it was just my husband and I but as she has gotten older, we have had babysitters and relatives take care of Haven. It has been really easy to add them to our account when needed so they have access to all the necessary information.

Is there anything you’ve learnt while using Onoco, that has helped your family on your journey together so far?

The weight and growth tracking has been a big help, especially as we can so easily download and share the up to date data with the doctor. We are also interested in using the milestones feature when Haven is a bit bigger, to keep an eye on her development and better understand how we can support her.

What would you say to anyone considering using Onoco in their family?

I’ve already been recommending it to friends and family! It’s definitely been a huge help for tracking sleep and feedings, which I think can cause a lot of stress in those early weeks, so it can be a real help for that.

One last question - how would you describe your family life with one movie or song?



Thanks so much to Gabby for sharing her experience!

If you’d like to share your family’s story, send us an email - we can’t wait to get to know you.


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