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The Minefield of Milestones!

Being a first time parent and new mum is a bit of a minefield and one of the most challenging areas I find myself googling all the time is - should she be crawling yet? Should she be doing this? - all while comparing what she is doing with other babies at her baby class.

I know all babies learn and do things at their own time and pace but it’s nice to have some reassurance that you are doing enough with them, especially as a new mum, or you spend way too long on Google typing in ‘why hasn’t my baby crawled yet?’ and it can all get a little destructive, especially if you end up with mum guilt over it - or feeling you aren’t doing enough (trust me, you are!). This is where I found Onoco to be a lifesaver. Onoco allows you to monitor your child’s milestones in line with the EYFS framework - which is from birth to five and is used by nurseries, reception classes and childminders. You can then select when your baby can do each subsection in each area such as listening, understanding and even making relationships. It then lets you know if you are secure or exceeding in those areas, so you can keep a record. I have found this tool so useful and it’s so special to keep a little digital diary of all those special dates - such as when she first rolled over, learnt to crawl and even her first word. You can then connect your online Onoco with family members, so everyone can see her journal and add to it, so no one has to miss out on these milestones. This is also great for continuity of care as if she’s with her nana for the day, she can log it and then I know what my little one has eaten, how many bottles, naps and nappies etc. so it makes it much easier to pick up from and make sure she’s gotten everything she needs that day. It’s so helpful to have all this information on hand and recorded. Me and my husband also like looking back through the app and seeing how she has changed as she has grown! As we all know ‘raising children takes a village’ and this app gives you the power to do that effectively!


This is a guest post from Jasmin of Girl in the Lilac Dress - covering beauty, fashion, and mum life!


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