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When Will My Baby Like Bath Time?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Think of bath time and we’re often taken to a place of bubbles, candles and relaxation - but that’s not always the case when a newborn is involved!

The changing temperature, feeling of floating, and even the noise of water can all be alarming experiences for our little ones and result in tensions and unenjoyable memories of those early firsts…

The good news is that, even if they’re not a fan now, your baby will likely become accustomed to bath time and begin to enjoy it - especially if you follow some top tips…

  1. Start with a warm room to avoid extreme temperature changes

  2. Get the right bath temperature, which is warm but not too hot - this is usually recommended to be around 100 degree fahrenheit or 38 degrees celsius

  3. Use a wet flannel or cloth to introduce the water to your little one, or even place one on their body for the duration of the bath to stop exposed skin from getting chilly

  4. Sing your little one’s favourite songs during bath time, or talk them through what’s happening, to help sooth them while also building on important communication and listening skills

  5. Use gentle products to avoid irritation

  6. Keep it short and sweet to begin with, and gradually build out bath time as an event as your little one gets older

  7. Consider how bath time fits with your baby’s routine, and try them at different points throughout the day to see how their reactions may change - you never know what you might discover!

Baby Bath Time

Bath time was one of the most popular custom logs used by Onoco families in 2022, reflecting the importance it can hold in our routines! By adding bath time to your custom log list, you can get a fuller view of your daily routine, see how different activities impact each other, and better understand your little one’s preferences when it comes to bath length and time.

With patience, pattern insights, and a little bit of creativity, bath time is sure to become a highlight of your baby’s day!


Custom logs are available with Onoco Premium and now include timers - simply select log type ‘duration’ during set up to access!

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