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Say Hello to…Onoco for the Apple Watch!

That’s right - adding your Onoco activities on the go just got that little bit easier!

With Onoco for Watch, you can access and activate all the logs you use within the app itself (including custom logs!) in your personalised order directly from your watch.

That means quick addition of sleep, feeds, nappies and more without even needing to touch your phone - and, when you do, you’ll find all of our information safely synced and available in your daily summary. From here you can then view your insights and statistics!

Like the mobile app, Onoco on your Apple Watch is also available in dark mode for reduced blue screen interruption and less battery drain.

All you need to do to access Onoco for your Apple Watch is:

  • Ensure you are signed up for an Onoco profile via the main Onoco app

  • Download the Onoco for Watch app

  • Log in using your Onoco details

  • Enjoy!

Something we’re especially excited to share about this feature is that it has actually been developed by one of our Onoco parents!

Darren, who is based in New York, reached out to us via email to share his love for Onoco and also his desire to help us develop an app for Apple Watch to provide families like his even faster access to their tracking tools.

We asked Darren about the experience of creating Onoco for Watch - here’s what he had to say!

“My little one is six months old now, and what I like about Onoco is that we can figure out what’s ‘normal’ for her based on her own routine.

I was excited to be given the opportunity to create the Apple Watch app and I’m proud of what the team and I built together. I hope parents will use it to track their baby and save time."


If you have an idea for a feature on Onoco, let us know! We’re always available by email via or you can find us on Instagram.


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