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The Best Technology for Modern Parents

Updated: Apr 26

Search for ‘smart tech for babies’ on Google and you’ll have what feels like endless results delivered. We’re talking smart cribs, wifi scales, swings, purifiers, humidifiers, white noise machines, night lights, formula dispensers, digital thermometers…phew!

At a time where you’re likely already overwhelmed with information about what’s best for your baby, we’ve narrowed down some of our top suggestions of what to prioritise as a parent to not make those first few months not only better for your baby but better for you too.

📱 Baby monitors

Your baby’s safety has no price and it can often feel like danger is around every corner when your child is growing. From maintaining regular breathing at night and experimentation near plug sockets to sharp edges and unexpected obstacles causing trips and spills, as busy parents it can often feel like you need eyes in the back of your head to keep up…

Ultimately, you want to know what is happening and if they are safe, and that’s where smart baby monitors can help.

Unlike other monitors, smart baby monitors can now track heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends, and alert parents when a change is recorded. These aren’t designed to cause panic but rather provide you peace of mind that everything is okay, and add that additional level of reassurance we’re all looking for during those early years!

When researching smart baby monitors, make sure you consider your aims as well as your cost, to ensure the product works best for you and your family.

👶🏻 Breathing Monitors

Breathing monitors are often seen as the next step for your baby’s safety, and are often recommended by doctors for premature babies or those with identified breathing problems. Although they cannot prevent incidents entirely, they can add additional peace of mind in those early years.


The smart sock is a wearable tracker which follows and records your baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends. Data is then displayed on your phone in real time allowing you to keep an eye on your baby digitally while they sleep.

If the system detects any problem or unusual activity such as low level in oxygen, you will receive an alert on your phone allowing you to take action.

If you are tempted by wearable tech, it’s worth remembering that some babies, especially newborns, can find items such as socks irritating and end up accidentally removing them, causing unnecessary alarm (and a frustrating cycle of putting them back on again…!)

But don’t worry! Socks are not the only way to monitor your baby's vitals…


Pads which sit under your baby’s mattress can also be a good solution, monitoring breathing rates and alerting you to any unusual changes. These are often more suitable for little ones as they are less invasive - though it’s worth noting that if yours loves to roll around in their sleep, you might receive some unusual alerts!

Again, use of these items should be considered carefully based on your baby’s needs and habits, and if you have any questions or concerns we always recommend speaking directly to a healthcare practitioner in the first instance.

🤱 Smart Breast Pumps

We all remember those big pumping machines - difficult to move, noisy, uncomfortable, and ultimately never designed for our comfort as mums. The good news is, breast pump technology has evolved over the last few years for our benefit; not only are they more comfortable, but they also help mums to stay active while pumping.

Small, hand-free and lightweight, you can now wear a breast pump pretty much everywhere - in the office, while running errands, even when taking a nap - without feeling discomfort or needing to take time out of your schedule.

😭 Cry Sensors

Young children often wake up during the night, and it’s easy to see how scary it must be to wake up in a dark room on their own or out of sight from familiar faces. As children get older, they can often self soothe and get back to sleep very quickly after hearing a familiar voice or tune.

This smart technology activates when your child wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying, displaying lights and music to help your child to go back to sleep without your intervention.

Cry sensors aren’t for everyone, and are only recommended for use once your child is beyond waking up for reasons such as hunger, wetness or general discomfort they cannot yet verbalise. They can however be very useful for little ones who wake often for no discernible reason, and simply need some help getting back to sleep.

technology for parents

🦘 Smart Bouncers

We often love to keep our baby in our arms; close contact helps them to relax, digest and fall asleep. However, every parent knows how hard it's to stay active with a baby in your arms, yet babies often feel unsafe while being far from their parents, especially in a static position.

This is where a smart bouncer can be an ideal solution.

By mimicking your movements, your baby will feel safe and close to you, helping them to soothe through rhythmic motions that feel familiar and comforting. This is the perfect technology for parents working from home who need to be able to move freely between activities, or simply parents who want a moment to be able to take a shower or prepare a meal!

As a bonus, bouncers can also help develop your little ones muscles that later aid in crawling while stimulating motor skills and balance, meaning not only are they useful and fun, they are an effective way to help with physical development.

🤳🏼 Parenting Apps - smart technology for parents

Parenting apps are a huge market, and it can be one of the trickiest pieces of technology to make a decision on. It needs to be easy to use, collaborative, intuitive, and able to flex to your baby’s routine - and of course we have some experience here!

Although you can find many one-purpose apps, Onoco is different.

Onoco merges baby tracking tools with your family schedule and development plans into one app that invites all caregivers into one safe, simple and supportive space. Our aim is to help parents navigate their busy lives while enjoying their parenting journey.

However you decide to incorporate technology into your parenting journey, keep in mind that you and your family are unique - so research, seek recommendations, and remember you’re doing a great job!


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