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From Our Families...Betty, Tom, Seb + Zac

Updated: May 31, 2023

It’s time for another instalment of our From Our Families series…, where we meet some of the parents using Onoco and see how they’re using the app on their individual journeys!

Today, we're speaking to Betty about her experience of using the app with husband Tom for their two boys, Seb + Zac!

Onoco family

Hi Betty! Let's start with the basics and a family introduction...

Hello! I'm Betty and I live in Bolton with my two boys, Seb (5y) + Zac (5m), and husband Tom. Our days currently are a bit of chaos! We mix naps, dirty nappies and feeds between school drop offs and pick ups, feeding a hungry growing 5 year old constant snacks, practicing spellings and reading whilst fitting in family time, swimming, football and rugby!

I'm sure that sounds like very familiar chaos for many of our Onoco families! How long have you been using the app for now?

We've been using since Zac was around 8 weeks old, and we originally downloaded it after seeing it recommended on a blog. I was initially looking for somewhere to establish a routine but to be honest - 5 months in and that isn’t now important (or implemented and now helps as a really useful reminder for logging sleep and feeds.

Would you say those are the most important features for you?

Yes, it's all about logging feeds and sleep, and being able to share this with Tom. I love how we can both log - it's a feature I've not seen on other apps and it's absolutely brilliant!

It would be great to understand a bit more about how these features have helped you.

Well we noticed from early on with the app how much Zac settled into a great nightly routine. Probably with him being a second baby and him having to fit around Seb too! His daytime routine is a nightmare though to be honest, I need to get a grip on it I think but I’m a lot more laid back this time round and I’m more going with the flow.

I guess for us having something that we can accurately measure and log his feeds on and easily track sleep in real time or back date has been great too.

In terms of tracking feeds, we actually found out because of the app that Zac has been taking quite a lot less than recommended for his weight. Which is a big thing! But because his weight hasn’t dropped at all (he’s on the 98th centile) they’re not concerned…but having this information so easily available is great when speaking to health professionals!

Do you have anyone else as part of your Onoco family?

It's just Tom at the moment but we will likely add his mum onto the app as maternity leave draws to an end.

We love an expanding village! You've just mentioned the shareability of the app as an important feature for your family - is there anything else you feel makes Onoco stand out as an app for parents?

I think it’s less fussy than other apps in terms of the homepage (sorry if this isn’t the technical term!) and it’s so easy to use, bubt the fact Tom can also log is massively helpful and without a shadow of a doubt my fave thing!

What would you say to anyone considering downloading Onoco?

It’s a no brainer! I’m always recommending it when I’m with new mums and at the endless baby groups I’m attending!

And finally, we love to finish on a fun one - how would you describe your life or your family life with one movie or song?:

James - Nothing But Love.


Thank you to Betty and her family for sharing their experience with Onoco!

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