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Four Tools to Help Ease the 'Back to Work' Transition

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

The return to work can be an incredibly daunting prospect. By the time this transition comes to light, you’ve likely found your new routine as a parent and a family as you continue to gain a deeper understanding of your baby’s behaviours and unique wants and needs - and now it’s all change again!

There are many factors that impact the experience of returning to work in any capacity which come from both our professional and personal lives: Has the team changed? What if my baby needs me? What projects will I be working on? Does my nanny know where the medicine is kept? Am I doing the right thing?

We know these questions because we’ve asked them of ourselves when approaching the return to work…but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be quite so overwhelming.

Onoco was developed with specific features designed to help reduce some of this mental load, and to help parents just like you feel confident and in control during this period of change.

Here’s a look at four core tools available with Onoco Premium which you might just find make all the difference!

1. Shared Family Calendar and Routine Manager

These features are displayed side by side in Onoco, meaning you can quickly and easily see your commitments (whether they’re meetings, deadlines, or doctor’s appointments) alongside your little one’s routine, helping you to maximise your available time and identify your weekly schedule.

Having these features shared with other caregivers also means you can communicate this weekly schedule with ease and without worrying about leaving notes or “one more thing..” voicemails; everything is easily accessed and available for all connected accounts.

2. Development Tips

With Onoco you can access over 460 development tips based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, so you know you - and anyone else involved in your child’s development - are accessing professional guidance rather than popular opinion.

These also mean you can identify which stage your child is currently at and what their next steps might be, so you can prepare for developmental leaps!

With Onoco’s focus on sharing, these development tips and stages are also shared with everyone who has access to your family profile, so you can easily discuss and decide on the best activities for your little one to ensure everyone’s on the same page regarding their development.

3. Collaborative Caregiving

Did you know 37% of our users say that the shareability of Onoco is their favourite feature? The app allows up to five family members and one professional caregiver to access a family profile, meaning everyone has the information they need at the touch of a button.

This includes our popular tracking tools, insights and analysis but also shared timers (leaving the house part way through a nap? It’s quickly and easily tracked and stopped as needed by another profile!), your unique routine manager and schedule, and emergency protocol. You can also easily download your data for sharing with healthcare professionals, which you know will be a full picture thanks to the contribution of everyone involved in your child’s early years.

That’s everything you and your family need to make sure everyone’s on the same page, helping you to more confidently share childcare without those lingering questions of whether you left a note about how much calpol can be given that day…

4. Safe and Secure Photo Sharing

Something we most definitely get used to during parental leave is seeing our little one’s face all day, every day. We become attuned to their expressions and there’s nothing quite like watching them experience the world around them. But being physically away from them doesn’t mean we need to miss these moments! Our safe and secure photo sharing feed means whoever is in charge of childcare can quickly upload those special moments, without need for them to be shared on social media platforms and to open a whole new worry about privacy settings…


Did you know Onoco Premium is now available as a workplace benefit to help any and all working parents? Email to request an information pack and discover more!


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