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Celebrating Families with Onoco's New 'Family Sharing' Feature

Parenting is a wild ride, filled with highs, lows, and a whole lot of love. At Onoco, we get that every family's journey is unique, including the support around us. That's why we're so excited to roll out our latest feature – Family Sharing. Now your crew, whether it's your partner, friends, or family, can jump in on the parenting adventure with you without any complications. It's not just about tracking nappies and feeds; it's about sharing the laughs, milestones, and late-night cuddles.

What is Family Sharing?

Onoco's new Family Sharing feature was designed to allow all types of families to enjoy using the app, and support parents in the process. It enables family members or friends to connect with and monitor the progress of multiple little ones, as well as log important information — all from one app. That means that Grandad can now keep updated with both of his grandchildren, and Auntie Ari can now log your little ones naps as well as her own kids when she babysits. 

Bringing Families Closer

The primary benefit's of the Family Sharing feature are its ability to make sharing care even easier, and keep families connected effortlessly. With just a few taps, family members and friends can monitor little ones progress, and share precious moments. Whether it's adorable picture uploads, tracking nap times while babysitting, or leaving encouraging notes for new parents, Onoco makes it easy to share the joy of parenting.

How to switch between families

This feature can be accessed and used by all Onoco users with no additional charge. Make sure your Onoco app has been updated to the latest version (1.7.8) in your App Store. Once you’ve joined another family (you can find a tutorial on our instagram on inviting family members), you’ll have the choice to switch families at the top of that screen. Simply tap once to swap the family you’re accessing, and experience the magic of connecting with ease.


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