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Baby tracking app for both parents: how to share access

Parenting in the digital age can be both a blessing and a challenge. As new parents, you might find yourselves relying on parenting or baby tracking apps to keep track of your baby's feedings, sleep patterns, and milestones. However, many of these apps cater to a single user, making it difficult for both parents to stay updated. Some apps offer sharing features, but they often come with an additional cost. So, how can you ensure that both parents and even extended family members are involved without breaking the bank?

new parents holding a baby - using onoco app
new parents holding a baby

The importance of shared access in baby tracking apps

Having a baby tracker app that both parents can access is incredibly beneficial. Here are some key reasons why shared access is crucial:

  1. Consistency in care: Both parents having access to the same information ensures consistency in the care provided to the baby. Tracking feedings, naps, and diaper changes helps maintain a stable routine.

  2. Better communication: Shared access fosters better communication between parents. They can leave notes for each other, update the app with real-time information, and avoid miscommunication.

  3. Support for working parents: Shared access means working parents can stay informed about their baby's day even when they are not physically present. This reduces stress and allows for better planning and coordination.

  4. Involving extended family: Many families rely on extended family members for childcare support. Shared access allows grandparents and other caregivers to stay updated and involved, providing additional support and reassurance to parents.

Challenges with current baby tracking apps

Despite the clear benefits, many parenting apps fall short when it comes to shared access. Most are designed with a single user in mind, making it cumbersome for both parents to use the app simultaneously. Some apps do offer sharing features, but they often come at an additional cost, making it an expensive option for many families.

Introducing Onoco: a baby tracking app for both parents:

In the landscape of baby tracking apps, Onoco is named by parents as a game-changer. Onoco was designed with the philosophy that "it takes a village to raise a child," making it incredibly easy for families to share access without any additional costs.

How to share access?

Sharing access in Onoco is simple and secure. Users can invite other family members during the registration process or add them later in just three easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the "My family" section: Open the Onoco app and go to the relevant section within the app settings.

  2. Send an invitation: Enter the email addresses of the family members you wish to invite. They will receive an email with a secure link that simplifies their registration process and links them to your family account.

  3. Set access levels: Family admins can determine the access level for each invited member. Options include "Full Access," "Edit Own Posts and Entries," or "View Timeline Only." This ensures that sensitive information, such as feeding schedules and sleep data, is only accessible to those who need it.

This robust sharing feature is designed to keep your family’s data secure while providing the flexibility to involve multiple caregivers.

Onoco app - a baby tracker that can be shared with partner
Onoco app - an app that can be shared with partner

Real-time collaboration for peace of mind

One of the standout features of Onoco is the ability to seamlessly transfer activities between devices. For instance, if a mother starts a sleep timer on her device and then leaves the house, her partner can stop the timer on their device. This real-time synchronization allows both parents to stay informed about their baby’s activities, reducing stress and ensuring continuity of care.

Families who use Onoco appreciate the reassurance and convenience it provides. This feature has received positive feedback for its practicality and the peace of mind it offers.

Creating a support network

Sharing access to the Onoco app isn't just about practical baby care—it's also about building a support network. We often receive heartwarming emails from family members who are grateful for the opportunity to offer words of encouragement to new parents. One grandmother shared her experience, saying:

onoco app - feedback from one of the users

Changing the narrative

Dads and other family members often want to support new moms but may feel unsure about how to help. By sharing an app like Onoco, dads can take on more active roles, alleviating some of the pressures from mothers. Additionally, Onoco provides a wealth of resources, including hundreds of videos and articles on baby care. These resources spark conversations among parents, keeping them informed and united in their parenting journey.

While many baby tracking apps fall short in terms of shared access, Onoco is designed to bridge this gap . With its user-friendly sharing features and educational resources, Onoco supports collaborative parenting, ensuring that both parents and extended family members can stay involved and informed.

Together, you can create a supportive, informed, and connected environment for your little one. Download Onoco today and start your journey towards better, shared parenting.


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