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The Tools You Need for Parenting on the Go

It’s 2023 and our lives are busier than they’ve ever been!

We’re juggling the needs of our new baby, sometimes with an older sibling (or siblings!) to entertain at the same time; we’re trying to get a hold on our mental health while staying on top of the to-do list; we’re tackling the rising cost of living while ensuring our little ones are exposed to as many new activities and experiences as possible.

And while there’s no magic wand to help alleviate some of these stresses and strains - and trust us, we wish there was! - there are an amazing array of tools and products available at the moment that might just be able to help…

We’ve started by gathering our top three favourite items at the moment, which complement each other and provide an amazing ‘parenting on the go’ package!

An all-in-one breast pump set for new and expecting mums who plan to breastfeed, we love the Smart Electric Breast Pump from Lola & Lykke! Not only can you express milk efficiently, you can also recharge and pump on the go, meaning you can be ready to pump with ease wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Better yet, accompanying breast milk storage bags can be used thanks to an ingenious adapter, so you can pump directly into the bag and store it away for another day.

Want more information on breast pumps, and which might be suitable for you? Here’s a handy guide!

You’ll want somewhere to store that breast pump when you’re out and about, and that’s where Babymel’s lovingly designed range of changing bags and accessories for the modern parents of today come in!

We love that 50% of their range is now eco and made using recycled plastic bottles, and that they’ve partnered with Ecologi to reduce their carbon footprint, planting a tree for every order placed and helping nature to thrive.

We love the array of products too, from backpacks for easy carrying, convertible bags for parents who like their bag to multitask as well as them, or sleek shoulder bags perfect for quick access and look great attached to your pram.

And speaking of your pram, have you tried the Rockit portable stroller rocker yet? Attached directly to your pram, this amazing little tool provides a soothing rocking motion to help your little one’s nod off and nap for longer - and leaves you with your hands free for enjoying your meal, working, or simply taking a moment for yourself!

We especially love the adjustable speed dial, meaning you can find the perfect motion for your baby and buggy, and the fact you can easily recharge it via USB between uses.

So there you have it - a package of three amazing items designed to make your life easier, all while parenting on the go!

Have something else you’d add to the list? Leave a comment or let us know on Instagram!


Sound like a package you’d like to have? Then we’ve got good news - we’re celebrating World Breast Pumping Day and giving you the chance to win the product above plus an Onoco Premium subscription! All you have to do is head to our Instagram for entry details.

UK entries only. Competition closes on Friday 3rd February.

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