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Meal Inspiration for Hungry Toddlers

We recently asked our lovely Instagram followers about the topic they most regularly search for on social media. Answers ranged from sleep regressions and routines to advice on breastfeeding - but a recurring theme was on the topic of meals, namely what the heck we’re supposed to be making for our littles every day…

If you’re in a similar situation and scratching your head when it comes to toddler meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner then we’re here to help.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favourite social media accounts to follow for meal inspiration, to keep your little ones full and fed without adding too much to your daily mental load.

Starting Solids with Sunnie

These sheet pancakes are a delicious way to start the day! Not only do they use a mix of ingredients you’re already likely to have in the cupboard, they are completely customisable - so you can mix and match for your little one (or you!) and experiment with different flavours. They can also be frozen for up to three months for a handy snack or breakfast on the go.

Life With Wenty

Healthy chocolate muffins? Count us in! These hidden vegetable muffins are a great way to incorporate the important food groups with a yummy chocolate flavour and look that screams ‘treat time’! This reel shows just how easily you can put these together in collaboration with your little one, too!

SR Nutrition

Moving onto more savoury options, this post from Charlotte Stirling-Reed - aka SR Nutrition - demonstrates just how versatile sandwiches can be thanks to their low prep but high impact! This account also has some fantastic guidance on weaning, dietary guidelines and mealtime behaviour.

Kids Eat In Color

It’s likely you know this account from your weaning journey already, as they share an array of go to tips and downloads about getting picky eaters to embrace vegetables and more. Although slightly out of season for summer, we love these crafty snacks, which show just how creative you can get with your food - because, yes, sometimes it’s okay to play with it!

Tiny Tums Recipes

We’re forever sharing the deliciousness that comes from the Tiny Tums Recipes account, and this recipe for a coconut korma is a great example of a simple but still satisfying meal - which ticks the boxes of being dairy free, egg free, suitable for freezing, and all done in one pan.

What Johnny Eats

Just looking at the What Johnny Eats feed makes us hungry as it’s packed with meal ideas (which all look fantastic too!). This recipe stood out to us not only for ease, but for the fact it nicely demonstrates how you can make mealtimes interactive with elements like cheese being left to the side which your little one can add themselves.

Mealtime With Mummy

We love anything that ticks the box of being handheld (perfect for picnics!) and perfect for batch cooking (covering multiple meals!). These mini-cheeseburgers contain just three ingredients but maximum impact, either as a quick snack or as part of a wider meal.

My Foodie Baby

Another simple dinner packed with vegetables which will keep everyone at the table happy, this creamy tomato risotto is another one pot wonder! If you don’t have the time to stand and stir, you could try using orzo instead. You will need to adjust cooking time and liquid amount but you will have dinner on the table before you know it.

My Little Food Critic

Did someone say ‘no cook ideas’? Count us in! These recipes - including wrap roll ups and ‘banana splits’ - are a great reminder of what we can create without even turning the oven on…

My First Meals

There are so many amazing meals to choose from here, but we couldn’t resist this one pot meal of chorizo and butterbean stew, which features three tines, two fresh ingredients - and nothing else! It’s super simple and versatile, and we’ll definitely be giving it a go.


Remember, you can easily track meals and more with Onoco. Make a note of how much your little one eats and their favourite foods to monitor their feeding journey, and easily share with other caregivers so they know what to expect when the next meal time rolls around.


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