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Making it easy for parents to get expert information

Updated: Apr 15

What if we told you that you could ask any question and get a personalized video answer from an expert. Using Onoco’s tracking tools, routine calendar, and baby development planner is useful - but there are some things we haven’t covered in our app yet. That’s why we are considering to offer parenting experts on-demand.

You would like to offer you one-on-one advice on

😴 sleep,

🍼 🍓 nutrition

👿 child's behaviour

What questions can I ask and what do we mean by a video answer from an expert?

Here are some sample questions and real answers so you can see what it’s like to get a personalized video answer from an expert. You get to ask them anything, skip the appointment, and receive your very own personal video that you can share or rewatch.

Best food to start solids?

An answer from Cinthia Scott who is a Pediatric Registered Dietitian and a Certified Lactation Counselor.

Should I push my child's sleep schedule later if they are early morning risers?

An answer from Jamie Contarini, a certified Senior Sleep Consultant and Team Manager with Good Night Sleep Site.

Is it bad if I don't feel engorged?

An answer from Marissa Reyna who is a Certified Lactation Consultant.

My toddler throws food?

An answer from Michelle Tangeman who is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

What do you think about telehealth advice?? Do you find it useful? Would you like us to add access to experts inside our app? Talk to us at 💗


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