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Nanny Share: Simplifying Childcare Costs with Onoco's Family Sharing

We understand that the topic of childcare costs is a major concern for parents, especially in the UK. It's hard to escape the conversation, and it can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Nanny sharing is a great option to support your little ones development, while allowing parents to cut back on costs.

Reducing Childcare Costs while Maintaining Care

By exploring the option of nanny sharing, you can significantly reduce childcare expenses without compromising on the quality of care your child receives. Nanny sharing involves two families sharing the services of a nanny who alternates between the homes of both families. This arrangement not only cuts down on costs but also provides companionship for your child, ensuring they have company during their childcare experience. At the same time, they receive the intimate attention and support they need for their development.

Onoco's Family Sharing for Nanny Shares

We recently announced our latest feature, Family Sharing. With Family Sharing, two families can now both invite their shared nanny onto the Onoco platform. In the past, nannies could only join one family, but thanks to this update, you can now have all your child's tracking, picture updates, and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) development notes conveniently in one place.

Effortless Communication and Connection

Even if you are not currently part of a nanny share, using Onoco with your nanny offers numerous benefits. Our platform enables your nanny to effortlessly keep track of your child's daily activities, share important information with you, and genuinely understand your little one's unique needs through tools like the AI Optimal Nap Time Predictor. Through the tracking, schedules, and notes you maintain in Onoco, your nanny gains valuable insights that foster a deeper bond and effective care.

We hope that our new Family Sharing feature inspires more families to consider nanny sharing as a viable solution to reduce childcare costs. Onoco is dedicated to supporting you on your parenting journey and providing peace of mind. Our platform empowers you to understand and meet your child's individual needs while facilitating seamless communication with caregivers and healthcare professionals.

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